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Maximising your site value through a Joint Venture or Development Management

The tried and true method for property owners looking to sell their property for development purposes is usually to list it with a Real Estate [...]

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Case study: Retaining wall dispute with the lower neighbour

Looking to find out how a real life retaining wall dispute pans out? Take a look at this recent case where McAndrew Law successfully defended [...]

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7 Tips to Reduce Legal Costs for your next Property Development

One of the most common issues experienced by property developers is cost overruns on legal fees. Failing to properly manage your legal fees can have [...]

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Dealing with Show Cause Notices and Enforcement Notices

There’s no worse feeling than opening the mail and seeing a show cause notice or an enforcement notice from your local Council requiring you to [...]

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Your Guide to Buying Queensland Property

Buying a property in Queensland is likely the largest transaction you'll ever make. It takes special care to ensure your rights are protected throughout the [...]

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Unapproved structures: Your rights when buying

Buying a property is an exciting time for most home buyers. One sure way to ruin that excitement is to find out that your new [...]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Conveyancing Lawyer

You've just made the big decision to buy or sell your home and the next question is, how do you choose a conveyancing lawyer? Here [...]

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Your Guide to Conveyancing Searches When Buying Property

When buying a property, one of the most important stages is carrying out conveyancing searches to ensure that any issues with the property are identified [...]

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Your Guide to Strata Titling Flats

The process of strata titling a block of flats and selling as individual units in a community titles scheme can be a lucrative strategy when [...]

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