5 questions to ask before choosing a conveyancing lawyer

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Conveyancing Lawyer

You’ve just made the big decision to buy or sell your home and the next question is, how do you choose a conveyancing lawyer? Here are the questions you should be asking to ensure you pick the right firm of conveyancing lawyers for the job.


1. Is the work carried out by a lawyer or an unqualified paralegal?

Buying and selling your home is often one of the biggest transactions in your life and making sure it’s in safe hands should be your biggest priority. Do you really want someone without a law degree handling one of the most important transactions in your life?

Most low cost conveyancers keep their costs down by having unqualified paralegals handling your file. This means that the person handling one of the biggest transactions of your life doesn’t even require a law degree or any other formal training. Paralegals are also prohibited from providing legal advice. Do you really trust that someone with no law degree is adequately qualified to identify and deal with any legal issues if something goes wrong? I know I wouldn’t.

We understand how important buying and selling a property is and that’s why all matters with McAndrew Law are handled by a fully qualified lawyer from start to finish. All of this is included within our standard low prices. How’s that for value.


2. Do you offshore work?

Just like the risks associated with having an unqualified paralegal handling your matter, some firms even outsource the work to low cost workers in the Philippines, India and other third world countries. These workers are generally unqualified and have English as a second language. Is that who you want to trust with such a big moment in your life?

Ensuring your legal rights are protected at all times is a priority for McAndrew Law and that’s why we have a 100% no outsourcing policy. The qualified lawyer you deal with from start to finish is always Australian based with us.


3. What is your service level guarantee?

Nothing is more frustrating and distressing than not knowing what is happening with the sale or purchase of your property, especially on the day finance or settlement is due.

Before choosing a conveyancing lawyer, you should make sure they have a service level guarantee to give you peace of mind. McAndrew Law guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours for all enquiries and even better, you get the mobile phone number of the lawyer handling your matter to make communication a breeze.


4. Is there a limit on the amount of communication included in your standard conveyancing fee?

Lawyers have a reputation for hidden fees and charges and conveyancing is not different. Did you know some low cost conveyancing firms limit the amount of communication included in the standard fee and charge extra to meet with you or for phone calls and emails outside the scope of their standard conveyance policy?

McAndrew Law offers 100% fixed fee conveyancing with unlimited meetings, telephone calls and emails to ensure all of your questions are answered and your mind is at ease.


5. How many conveyances does each staff member handle at any one time?

We all get busy from time to time and this is when mistakes happen and things don’t get done. What if those things that aren’t getting done relate to your sale or purchase? You should ask this question to ensure that the person handling your matter has enough time to dedicate to you.

Ever feel like you’re just a number? Not with McAndrew Law. Linked to our service guarantee, we also guarantee that each lawyer handles no more than 10 conveyancing matters at any one time to ensure that they have the time to give your sale or purchase the attention it deserves.


Bonus question when buying


6. Do you only carry out the searches required for settlement adjustments or do you provide full due diligence searches in your standard fee?

What many people don’t realise is that a lot of cut price conveyancers only carry out the searches required for settlement adjustments (rates, water, body corporate and land tax generally) and don’t carry out any due diligence searches on the property you are buying. This means they don’t even check whether:

  • the house has the required approvals to be lawfully occupied;
  • there are any notices from Council requiring works to be done (including removing unapproved structures such as decks); and
  • there are any notices to resume all or part of the property.

Imagine moving into a property only to find out the plumbing was never approved, the rear deck needs to be removed and part of the land is being resumed for road widening.

McAndrew Law’s standard conveyancing fee includes carrying out all the recommended due diligence searches for your new property to ensure any potential issues are identified before it’s too late.

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