Joint Venture

Everything you need to know for your next Property Development

At McAndrew Law, we work with property development clients, land owners and funders who are seeking comprehensive joint venture agreements (JVA) for property development projects. We have experience where it matters in drafting joint venture agreements that minimise tax obligations and that protect your interests.

  • Joint venture agreement lawyers with expertise where it counts.
  • Original and tailored JVA for property development.
  • Comprehensive legal advice and a solid understanding of the property development space.
  • Swift JVA preparation and delivery for property development projects that need rapid turnaround.

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Property Development Joint Venture

When you join with a developer, investor or landowner to develop a new project, it is important to manage your joint venture agreement with a professional and experienced team of property lawyers who understand this area of practice and who can ensure your project moves forward smoothly.

Your joint venture agreement is not a template document; it is unique, just as your development is and requires a nuanced and detailed understanding of exactly what your goals are. We work with you to consider a range of potential issues and mitigate for these in the wording of your JVA.

Protect Your Interests, Grow Your Business Relationships

A concise and thorough JVA protects your interests and ensures that the rights and responsibilities of each party to the venture know exactly what they should be doing and when. Your JVA will also have dispute resolution methods outlined so that in the event of there being an issue or problem you will know exactly how, where and when to resolve it.

Don’t run the risk of relying on a template JVA from the internet. The legal costs and potential hassle that you may incur if something has been excluded or not written correctly could be many times over the costs of drafting your joint venture agreement with a legal firm in the first place. Is it worth the risk?

As a new client you are welcome to a free half-hour consultation in which we can sit with you and work out exactly how we can bring more value to your project with an original joint venture agreement for your development.

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